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A Simple Way to Study Your PMP® Exam Formulas

Studying PMP® Exam Formulas Made Easy!

PMP Exam FormulasAre you stressed about the math and formulas you need to study and know for your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam? Don't worry! There's a better way to study them.

Yes, the PMP® Exam and the formulas are complex. But The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide™ was created specifically to provide you an easy reference and study guide. It is your authoritative source to all the formulas and values you need to master for the PMP® Exam.

It enhances your study experience and maximize your study efficiency by focusing in on the mathematical concepts. And you get more than just a list of the formulas. You also get explanations of the rationale behind them, so you can do the math and interpret results.

What you get with The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide

Your Order NowPMP® Exam Formula Study Guide consists of three documents: The Formula Guide, The Formula Pocket Guide, and The 105 Sample Questions. They are all in PDF format.

But it gives you a lot more than just a list of the bare bones formulas like so many other PMP® prep books and free PMP® prep websites. We understand that you need more and with PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide, you get more!

Here is a List of the Formula Guide Contents

Get a well-rounded approach to studying PMP® Exam formulas. See for yourself, how much valuable content you receive with the Formula Guide. You get:

  • 47 Essential PMP® Formulas - Did you know that there were that many formulas you have to master? We list them all. And you can be sure that they are correct.
  • The Formula Concept - Every formula has a reason it exists. We explain this reason in everyday English. Knowing and understanding this concept makes it easier for you to use the formula.
  • Formula Variations - Many formulas have variations. For instance, the estimate to complete (ETC) can be determined in 4 ways. We demonstrate these ways and explain the differences and tell you when to use each variation.
  • Formula Keywords - Certain formulas are only applicable in specific situations. The PMP® Exam questions use certain keywords to indicate which formula to use. You learn all the keywords. Promise.
  • Result Interpretations - Some PMP® Exam questions ask you to interpret the result of a formula. So we teach you how to interpret them.
  • 19 Important Values to remember - You can be sure that your PMP® Exam contains questions that require you to remember these values. Some of them you have to know to 2 decimal points. You learn the ones you need to know.
  • 27 Formula Related Acronyms - Do you know what EAC, VAC, CPI, CBR, or ROI mean? Your Formula Guide explains them all.

The Study Guide Table Layout

For easy reference you find all formulas listed in a table. Here is what the table looks like, what you can expect to find and how we explain each formula to you:


Concept Formula Result Interpretation
The first column contains “The Concept” behind the formula. Instead of just giving you the formula “CV = EV - AC” we want to make sure that you understand what the formula is trying to achieve. And the best way to do that is by explaining its concept. We list the actual formula in the second column. For some concepts multiple formulas are needed, so we list them all. When helpful we also add examples for better understanding.

The formula won’t do you much good if you cannot explain what the result is or means. That is why we include an interpretation in the third column. PMP questions may require interpretation.

Example: Example: Example:
Estimate to complete (ETC)
Expected cost needed to complete all the remaining work for a schedule activity, a group of activities or the project. Helps predict what the final cost of the project will be upon completion. There are many ways to calculate ETC depending on the assumptions made.
ETC = (BAC - EV) / CPI
Assumption: use formula if current variances are thought to be typical in the future.

The planned budget minus the earned value modified by project performance. Result is a monetary value that will tell us how much more the project would cost.


Order NowThe formula table, the values to remember and the list of acronyms help you focus your studies on the important facts. There is no wasted time. Put all of this valuable information to work for yourself and order your copy of The PM Formulas right now...

You also receive the following Bonus Items

Bonus Item #1: 105 Sample PMP® Exam Formula Questions

formula4The best way for you to internalize all the required PMP® Exam Formulas is by answering as many formula-based questions as possible. That is why you receive a 90-page PDF document that contains 105 Free PMP® Exam Questions that allow you to practice. These questions not only test if you know the formula, but they also test if you are able apply the formula. The PMP® Exam Sample Questions that you receive in this document have been created specifically to help you learn the formulas and values that you need to know. It contains the following types of questions that you find on the PMP® Exam:

  • Apply a formula: These are straightforward questions where you are given values and are expected to apply the correct formula.
  • Apply two formulas: In these questions you get a set of values and asked to calculate a result. At first, these look as if you can simply apply one formula. But as you are applying this first formula you suddenly realize that one value is missing. This missing value must then first be calculated via a second formula.
  • Invert a formula: These questions test your ability to take a basic formula and invert it. For instance instead of asking “4+6=?” the question would be “4+?=10” and it is your job to invert the formula and calculate “10-4=6”.
  • Result interpretation: In this type of questions you are given a result and asked, “What does this result mean for the project?”.
  • Find the correct formula: For this type of questions you are given a scenario and various formulas as options. Your task is to select the formula which best applies to the given scenario.
  • Use a formula based on keywords: There is more than one way to calculate earned value results. Which formula to use depends on the progression (or health) of your project. These are scenario based questions that contain certain keywords. You must recognize these keywords and apply the correct formula

You have 105 opportunities to test yourself on these types of questions. At no extra charge!

Bonus Item #2: Formula Pocket Guide & Cheat Sheet

"Print it - Fold it - Study Wherever You Go." This is the motto of your Formula Pocket Guide and Cheat Sheet (Some people refer to this as a PMP® Exam Brain Dump Sheet). This is a one-page PDF document, which contains just the bare bones formulas, important values and acronyms that you need to know. For easier reference you find them grouped into the following categories:


  • Earned Value Formulas
  • PERT Formulas
  • Communication Formula
  • Probability Formula
  • Network Diagram Formulas
  • Project Selection Formulas
  • Depreciation Formulas
  • Mathematical Basics
  • Important Values to Remember
  • Acronyms to Remember


As its motto suggests, you can print and fold this one-pager and keep it in your pocket wherever you go. That way when you have five minutes while you are waiting at the supermarket checkout you can take it out and review your PMP® Exam Formulas.

Bonus Item #3: PMP® Exam Formula Guide Email Course

One of the best strategies of studying for the PMP® Exam is to study daily and repetitively. That is why you also receive this email course. Every day for 14 days you receive an email with in-depth information about the most complex topics of the PMP® Exam. Your email course covers the following areas:


  • Basic Earned Value Formulas
  • Earned Value Forecasting Formulas
  • Communication Channels
  • Depreciation
  • Average, Mean, Mode
  • Standard Deviation
  • Six Sigma
  • Present Value and Future Value
  • Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  • Cost Estimating
  • Payback Period
  • Expected Monetary Value
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)


From these emails you not only learn about the concepts behind each of these topics but we also tell you what you need to know and study for the PMP® Exam.

Bonus Item #4: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Wouldn't it be great if you had a question about the exam that you could go and ask a trusted source? That is what our exam forums are for. All students have access to these forums. Ask a question and your fellow students or our staff are here to help you.

How much does it cost?

The real question to ask is: How much is it worth to have a Study Guide that contains all the right formulas and correct values and explains what you need to know on the PMP® Exam Formulas and takes all the guesswork out of your preparations?

Order NowI suppose that you could do what most PMP® students do - just "make it up as you go" and use the "trial and error" method. In this way you are never sure if you are studying the right material. So why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge that I've put into this easy to use PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide for you?

Your copy of the PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide is just $29.

PMP Exam Formulas

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