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Fully Updated for the 2023 PMP Exam!
Now includes the new "interpretational formula questions" that PMI recently introduced.

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  • All PMP formulas
  • 160 sample questions
  • 268 pages

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Answer PMP Formula Questions with Ease!

Are you stressed about the math and formulas you need to study and know for your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam?

Don't worry! There's a better way to study them.

Yes, the PMP® Exam and the formulas are complex. But The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide™ was created specifically to provide you an easy reference and study guide. It is your authoritative source to all the formulas and values you need to master for the PMP® Exam.

It enhances your study experience and maximize your study efficiency by focusing in on the mathematical concepts. And you get more than just a list of the formulas. You also get explanations of the rationale behind them, so you can do the math and interpret results.

What comes with The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide?

Your PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide has three main sections: The Formula Guide, The Formula Pocket Guide, and 160 Sample Questions. They are all in PDF format.

The Formula

The Formula Guide itself is the foundation of understanding how to answer formula-based questions on the PMP exam. This section explains the underlying concept, the formula itself, and how to interpret a result.

Interpretational &
Computational Questions

In total you will get 160 PMP exam sample questions. We have divided them up into two sections. One with questions where you have to calculate and one where you have to use your interpretational skills.

Formula Pocket

Want to take the formulas with you wherever you go? Not a problem. We've summarized all important formulas, values and acronyms for the exam on this one single page. Just print it and put it in your pocket for quick access.

Your Interpretational Skills are Key to Answering Formula-Based Questions on the PMP Exam

While it is important to understand the formula as well as the concept behind the formula, the PMP exam more and more tests your ability to interpret results. Therefore, having the right analytical and interpretational skills is a must.

The Formula Guide teaches you this skill with 70 questions, that ask you to go deep into the results and determine what this means for your project.

You must be able to answer interpretational questions like these:

  • The current ETC tells you that another €175,000 is required to complete the project. What should you do?
  • The project team has completed 80 story points out of 100 planned for the sprint. What is the best course of action for the team?
  • Your project has a CV of -200. What does this mean for your project?
  • The feature burndown chart shows a gap of 5 features between the planned and actual curves. What can be said of the release?
  • Using the payback period as a means of project selection, which of the following projects would you select?
  • The project has an SPI of 0.8 and a CPI of 1.2. Which of the following actions would be most appropriate for the scrum master to take?
  • There are three user stories in the "Development" column of the Kanban board and nine in "Testing". What should be done with the WIP limits?
  • The project leader has calculated a cost performance index (CPI) of 0.92. Based on this information, what else can be said of the project’s performance?

These, and dozens more just like it, will help you hone the right skills and be ready on exam day.

What Customers are Saying

How do I know the PMP® Formula Study Guide™ is what I need to ace my exam?

Well, we will let the statistics speak for themselves!

The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide™ has been one of our bestsellers of all times.

The guide teaches you what is important for the current exam: how to analyze and interpret the questions and make the best decisions for the project. And that’s a skill that’s handy on-the-job too!



1. Who should buy The PM PrepCast PMP Exam Formula Study Guide?

This book is for those preparing to take the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. It is also for project managers and practitioners who want to understand the formulas you need to use on your projects. This step-by-step guide includes easy-to-follow sections to walk you through the formulas and how to interpret the results so you can take action in your projects.

2. What are the benefits of using The PM PrepCast PMP Exam Formula Study Guide?

You’ll learn the concept behind the math, the formula itself, and - most importantly - how to interpret the results to take action for the project.

Then test yourself with 160 sample questions that cover how to use and interpret the formulas (in both visual and text-based questions), agile project management math, and more. All questions are in line with the question formats you will see on your actual PMP test including multiple responses, drag and drop, hotspot, and fill-in-the-blank.

3. What is included in The PM PrepCast PMP Exam Formula Study Guide?


  • Formula study guide
  • Formula brain dump/cheat sheet
  • 160 formula sample questions
  • Exam discussion forum access
4. Should I expect formula-related questions in the PMP exam?

Formulas are still on the PMP exam. You need to know how to interpret charts and results. You should expect at least one question with easy-to-calculate formulas.  For example, expect questions on SPI, CV, EVM, and more.

5. What is the format of the book?

This is available in PDF format in the PM PrepCast Store.
A paperback version is also available on the Amazon website.

6. How can I get a printed version of the book?

Order the paperback version of this book through Amazon.

Visit the Amazon product page.

7. How many pages are in this book?

This book contains 268 pages

8. What do I need to access the book?

You can access the ebook in the My Download section of your PM PrepCast store account.

You need to use Adobe Acrobat (or another alternative reader) to view the ebook, which is in PDF format.

10. What other products should I consider when purchasing The PM PrepCast PMP Exam Formula Study Guide?

If you are looking into The PM PrepCast PMP Exam Formula Study Guide, please consider our bundle The PM PrepCast Elite Plus. In addition to the PM Formula Guide, it includes the following:

  • The PM PrepCast Basic is an online set of self-paced video podcast lessons that provides high-quality, low-cost training to project managers preparing for their Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. It has helped many students pass the PMP® Exam through the years and continues to help students today.
  • The PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator is a set of practice exams presented in a realistic exam platform, so students can practice what they learned from watching The PM PrepCast™. The simulator includes access to over 2,280+ PMP practice exam sample questions with detailed explanations presented as 4 complete exams and 1 ITTO exam or customizable quizzes.
  • The PM StudyCoach™ Guidebooks is a week-by-week PMP study plan that guides your exam prep to reach your certification goal. This product serves as an invaluable roadmap to passing the PMP Exam.
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